Opel FlipPhone 6


Key Features:  

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Screen Size Primary Camera RAM Battery Capacity
2.4” 2 MP  1400mAh



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  Unlocked Mobile Phone


 Australian A-Tick Approved

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Opel FlipPhone 6 with a keypad on it.


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What makes the Opel Mobile FlipPhone 6 Unique?

This M4/T4 Hearing Aid Compatible Dual screen flip phone is unlocked, so it is not connected to a carrier. It also has 4G VoLTE which allows voice calls over the 4g LTE network and guarantees good quality when you make calls.

It also features Bluetooth technology for you to use your cell phone hands-free and a cradle charger comes standard with the purchase of this product as well.

How does the Opel Mobile FlipPhone 6 Keep My Family Safe?

Keeping you safe outdoors: The Opel Mobile FlipPhone 6 has been built with the latest technology and design to keep you safe outdoors. The Safety Mode allows you to call emergency services in the event of an accident. This feature can be used even if your phone is locked, meaning that you can call for help at any time no matter what state your phone is in, even if it’s been damaged or submerged underwater.

Keeping you safe Anywhere: The SOS button sends emergency alerts directly to your contacts. No network connection is required, and you can also configure the SOS button to send SMS messages, and emails or make a phone call. Also, if a friend or relative loses their phone, you can track its location in seconds using the app.

Stay connected and keep safe with the Opel Mobile FlipPhone 6!



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