Telechoice $100 Pre-Paid Sim


Telechoice $100 Pre-Paid Sim card.


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Product Description

TeleChoice 180-day Pre-Paid Plans

Information about the Service

These 180-day Pre-Paid Plans (“Plans”) are for a pre-paid mobile service. Each Plan includes Data Bank. No minimum contract term applies. No early termination charges apply on these Plans. Each Plan will require recharge on expiry unless you have set up auto-recharge.

Cost of recharge~ Included in your plan (included value) Credit Expiry Period Data Bank Limit Cost per MB
Standard national calls, SMS & MMS Data allowance in Australia*
$50 Unlimited^ 7GB 180 days 50GB $0.0069
$100 60GB 50GB $0.0016

~ Total minimum cost for each Plan is the cost of recharge.
* Data rounded to the nearest KB.
60 Nantional VIDEO MMS included per recharge